We're excited to announce that Aragon Research named Showpad a leader among sales engagement platforms – the fastest-growing market focused on giving sales and marketing teams the tools they need to interact with prospects in an efficient, simple, all-digital fashion.

Showpad stood out among the 20 providers examined for its mobile-first user interface, analytics, content sharing, and CRM integrations, Aragon said, making our product a leader in a market poised to grow more than five-fold to $5 billion by 2021.


Showpad makes it easy for marketing teams to quickly distribute approved content to sales reps, who can then present and share that material with prospects anywhere, anytime – on mobile devices, desktops, online, or offline. Robust analytics let marketing teams see clearly whether the content they create helps to close deals, allowing CMOs to better track return on investment and formulate smarter content and branding strategies.

“Showpad demonstrates strengths in content creation and the ability to update content for everyone,” Aragon said in the report. “When combined with its solid integration with mobile content management providers like Box and DropBox, this means that sales professionals don’t waste time looking for files.”

According to Aragon, the tenets of strong sales engagement platforms include:

  • Sales content creation: the ability to create content on the fly by mixing or matching existing materials, and the ability to add rich media, such as video to that content
  • Sales content management: smooth content management, mobile access to content and presentations, and analytics showing which content is performing best
  • Engaging and qualifying – advanced analytics: a “secret weapon” that allows salespeople and marketers to track customer interactions with content immediately, and then react quickly
  • Communications: the ability to communicate with prospects through email, SMS, etc. from mobile devices
  • Presentation and live pitch: the ability for sales reps to give live presentations, eliminating the need for separate web conferencing
  • Partner applications: offering integrations with partner apps that make users’ lives easier

Salespeople in the field should be able to take advantages of all the technological advances they can at their desktops. Sales enablement apps like Showpad make that easier, helping reps share richer information with prospects in less time, resulting in a better experience for both prospect and seller.

“Mobile first isn’t a debate for sales,” Aragon said. “Tablets are making a comeback, in part because they are delivering on the promise of productivity. Mobile-first sales engagement apps are about making complete functionality come together in a compelling app that allows salespeople to do more in less time.”

Find out more by downloading a free copy of the report below.

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Last update: December 6, 2016
Mobile first is no longer a debate for sales teams.

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