The first Apple store in Belgium. The first business event in store; in the first week of opening. Who you gonna call? Showpad of course.

Last month we shared how Showpad has been selected as one of only 50 Apple Mobility Partners worldwide. Together we are working with enterprises worldwide as they seek to leverage Apple’s powerful products to help them sell more as well as participating in a number of events.

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Getting public recognition for the work we've done building Showpad has never been a driving factor for us. We remain principly driven to build a great company and help our customers solve the challenges they experience aligning sales and marketing teams. That said, we were encouraged to see the Economist publish an article featuring Showpad. Why, you might ask?

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Reflecting back on 2014

For Showpad and for me, 2014 has been a very special year. We moved into our San Francisco office, raised our Series B, grew the team from 15 to 60 employees and acquired a company. We doubled the number of customers, tripled our revenue and held our first global customer event in Ghent, Belgium.

We worked, we travelled, we laughed and generally had a blast. We had many good days and some very challenging ones. We focused hard on building the very best team, shipping an outstanding product, and providing excellent service. The Showpad team worked hard and I am grateful to have so many talented people join us on this journey.

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Today Showpad announced the results of a study commissioned by Demand Metric on the impact of a bad in-person sales experience. The study surveyed 250 sales and marketing executives for their opinions both on delivering and receiving a sales experience. While the news may seem bad:

  • 60% of respondents regularly had bad sales experiences.

  • 72% of those bad experiences resulted in an immediate loss of revenue for the business.

It actually represents a significant opportunity for businesses regardless of industry. If you dig deeper into the reasons why bad experiences occur, the aggregate rankings from both audiences identified these three key areas:

  • Lack of customer understanding

  • Lack of time or resources

  • Lack of alignment

While not easy to fix, they can be improved with the right information. But, before we talk about a solution, let’s identify why the areas mentioned above play such an important role in the performance of sales and marketing teams.

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Remember the saying “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM?”

Choosing the least risky technology option was a mainstay throughout the last few decades,but it’s no longer the case. Big names hold less value than they once did due to rapidly evolving technology, disruptive products and customers with unlimited access to information via the Internet. Welcome to the new age of the savvy, hyper-informed customer.

So, how does this impact the roles of today’s sales force and marketing department? A recent study by the Corporate Executive Board found that 60% of the buying processtakes place before there is any real engagement with a sales representative. In the new era of sales, customer knowledge reigns supreme. With research and reviews only a click away, customers have become comfortable making decisions based on widely available information, and may have little time or desire to listen to a marketing or sales pitch.

Buyers will wield their knowledge so it’s marketers and sellers beware: Be prepared or lose to your competition. TapResearch data illustrates this trend in action, revealing that nearly 50 percent of sales professionals have been outsmarted by a customer during a sales meeting. What can your organization do?

Enjoy the rest of the blog on Wired Innovation and learn three best practices to engage the hyper-informed customer.

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