In four short months, this year has already been pretty incredible. Showpad has grown incrementally and opened US offices in both San Francisco and Portland. We're  making sales teams at our 450 customers around the world more productive and helping them achieve their revenue goals. 

This morning we were notified that we will be representing Belgium in The Next Web’s European Tech5.  The Tech5 is a initiative to identify the fastest-growing tech startups in Europe.  This honor means that we are the fastest growing start-up in Belgium.

While this is a great achievement on its own, it actually puts us in the Amsterdam ‘final’ at The Next Web Conference Europe (April 24-25). We’ll be presenting against 7 other fastest growing companies in front of 2,500 influencers, marketers, investors, journalists and thinkers from the tech world. 

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Each year, I look at my operating budget and see a huge line item in January for our organizational kickoff.  As CEO of the company, it’s one of those times where I have to leave my operational cap on the table and put my leadership hat securely on my head.

In a small company like Showpad, the cost of a kickoff event can be significant. Even if your team is as budget conscious as possible on the physical event, you are still pulling your full sales and (hopefully) your marketing team off of their core responsibilities – contributing revenue to the company.

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In the first 3 parts of the Consumer Chronicles we’ve talked about consumerization and its consequences for IT departments and hardware policies. The 4th post in this series covers the consumerization of enterprise software.

When employees started bringing their own tablets or smartphones to the office, they also brought in a new set of expectations towards software. Most enterprise software, like planning tools or email clients, can suddenly seem too robust or overcomplicated. Consumerization is a trend that goes beyond changing hardware at work. It’s changing software too.

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