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Tablet at trade showsTablets and trade shows. It could be the beginning of a song. "Tablets and trade shows and lovely white roses, booths full of prospects and leads in high doses..." Even if you are not quietly humming along by now, you probably have seen iPads and other tablets used at conferences, events or trade shows. I have written about the benefits of tablets at trade shows before, and in today's article, I'd like to tell a story from the trenches.

The war for attention at trade shows

At every trade show, there is a war going on for the attention of the passers-by. And who is in a better position to tell tales of battle and glory than a weathered trade show exhibitor? Meet Stefaan Rossel, founder of Namgrass, a company that takes the pain out of gardening by designing, producing and distributing beautifully life-like artificial grass. And now you're frowning. I know. I frowned too when I first heard the words 'beautiful' and 'artifical grass' in one sentence. But you've got to see it to believe it, that's why Stefaan goes to so many trade shows. "With our product, words and images alone don't do the trick. To sell our artificial grass, we have to let people experience the look and feel themselves. That's why we have samples of our varieties on display at our trade show booth. People are welcome to touch the grass, and nearly everybody who passes our booth does. It looks so real, you simply have to touch it to believe that your lawnmower could go on e-bay.

Touch and feel first, show and tell later

Of course, it's not possible to bring garden-sized samples to an exhibition. Once passers-by are interested in the grass, Stefaan needs to convince them of how a particular variety would look in their garden, on their rooftop patio or by their pool. And that's where the tablets that Stefaan and his team use at trade shows come in. "I have many pictures of finished projects stored on my tablet. When people show an interest in our product, I ask them a few questions of where they would use the artifical grass. Then I show them a photograph of a similar project, and that really makes it a lot more real for a potential customer. It's the combination of feeling the sample, and picturing their shady patch, damp poolside or high terrace decorated with lush green grass that does the trick.

Technical questions answered from the tablets

"Our varieties of articifial grass don't just look different, they all have different specifications too," Stefaan continues. "When a landscape designer or contractor visits our booth, I have all the technical specification sheets with me on the iPad. Any questions are immediately aswered, and I can send the spec sheet to the prospect straight from the sales app on the tablet too. That saves me a lot on paper and print costs, let alone on weight that I have to carry."

Capture contact details at the trade show booth

Getting people to notice your booth, walk in and show an interest in your product is hard enough, but you want to keep in touch after the exhibition too. "I have tablets mounted in a display, where visitors can leave their details so we can do the follow-up after the show. The information on the tablets is easily imported in our CRM, which saves our marketing people quit a bit of time. They used to have many business cards to manually key into our CRM after an event. With the tablets, the majority of leads are now captured immediately."

Discover how Namgrass gets the best results with using tablets at trade shows by downloading this free case study. 

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