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tablets at trade showsMany of life's disappointing moments take place when we have something we wanted. A tablet app for trade shows is no different. You might have seen other people engaging customers at a trade fair with a tablet, and decide your company could use tablets for exhibitions too. To help you avoid the disappointment of taking tablets to your next event, only to notice that they're not performing quite like you expected, here are 3 rocking tips to remember. 

1. The audience is always right

Before putting any material on your tablet, step back and think about what the audience at the trade show will want to see. Depending on your business, that can be pictures of finished projects, detailed technical specifications of your various products, or even a video explaining a concept in detail. You're not taking tablets just because they're light, small and have a long-lasting battery, you're taking them to add value for your potential customers. 

2. Never skip dress rehearsal and soundcheck

Take your cue from opera productions and stadium rock shows, and go through a full-scale rehearsal a couple of days before the event. Tablets are easy to operate, and don't need a lot of training. But, if you have temporary staff at your booth, or if you are using tablets for the first time, go through the motions and check that everybody knows what is expected from them.

3. The show must go on

The show goes on long after the banners are rolled up. It is after the last visitors have left the building, their trade show goodies in a branded carrier bag, that the real work starts for an exhibitor. Think ahead, and capture your visitors' contact details on your tablet. A good follow-up on trade show leads is vital to make your investment in the trade show work out in the long run.

Would you like to read how a company succesfully uses tablets at trade fairs? Over 83% of Newtec's sales reps love working with tablets at trade shows. Download the case study 'Taking a tablet-sized helper along to trade shows with Newtec' to find out how. 


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