The first Apple store in Belgium. The first business event in store; in the first week of opening. Who you gonna call? Showpad of course.

Last month we shared how Showpad has been selected as one of only 50 Apple Mobility Partners worldwide. Together we are working with enterprises worldwide as they seek to leverage Apple’s powerful products to help them sell more as well as participating in a number of events.

Tomorrow, I am honoured to visit the first Apple store in Brussels, which opened this past Saturday. I get to present to Apple store visitors and share the history of Showpad. I’ll be answering questions about which Apple product launch inspired our company, how we started it from my kitchen, how we have grown - and where we attribute our success. With many of our customers using our platform from an iOS device it only seems natural for the last event of the summer to be at an Apple Store, in the country where Showpad originated.  

If you’re in Brussels, you can still reserve a spot to join us for a Q&A on Building a Business with iPad. I hope to see you there!


Last update: September 23, 2015

Topics: Apple

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