Legend has it that as the year winds to a close, a person of authority makes their way to a special room away tucked far away from the action, browses pages and pages of information, and ultimately separates the nice from the naughty.

No, we aren’t talking about Santa Claus pondering gift-related decisions in the North Pole. We’re talking about CEOs pondering budget-related decisions in the board room.

Hopefully, each of the sales reps, content marketers and managers reading this are on the nice list, which means they can expect plenty of gifts in the strategic plan for the year ahead. As such, here are some wish list suggestions – along with some supporting statistics – for each group.

Wish List for Sales Reps

Get marketing to send us qualified leads.
50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting and using cold call lists (source: The B2B Lead via HubSpot)

Make it easier and faster for us to find content.
Sales reps spend up to 40% of their time searching for content (source: CMO Council).

Help us increase active selling time.
On average, sales reps spend less than 10% of their time on core selling activities (source: Proudfoot Consulting via SellingPower).

Give us a mobile sales tools that get us closer to prospects and customers. 
Top sales performers are nearly 500% more likely to have very good or outstanding mobile sales capabilities (source: Salesforce).

Give us training to make us more successful.
Ongoing training can yield up to 50% higher net sales per rep (source: Accenture).

Wish List for Content Marketers

Get sales reps to start using the wonderful content we create.
20% of marketing budgets go toward creating content that sales reps don’t use (source: CEB Global), and overall 90% of content is never used at all (source: Content Marketing Institute).

Make it simpler and faster for us to distribute new content (read: email is driving everyone crazy).
42% of B2B marketers publish new content several times a week; and most of them publish new content daily (source: Content Marketing Institute).

Remind sales reps – and everyone else for that matter – that content was, is, and will always be king.
95% of customers choose a solution provider that provides them with ample content to navigate through each stage of the buying process (source: DemandGen Report), and most customers are already two-thirds along the buyer’s journey before they seriously engage a sales rep (source: SiriusDecisions).

Give us visibility into content performance and ROI.
In addition to getting large budgets, marketing teams that can see which pieces of content are being used by sales have 33% more of their leads accepted by sales reps (Source: Aberdeen Group).

Give us the credit we deserve for helping the organization achieve or exceed its sales targets.  
A substantial, and definitely credit-worthy, 44% of inside sales pipelines comes from marketing (source: forEntrepreneurs).

Wish List for Managers

Let’s all agree, once and for all, that a CRM alone won’t help close sales deals.
Up to 70% of CRM implementations fail because sales reps refuse to adopt the software (source: Forrester).  

We need an effective sales enablement platform ASAP (like, yesterday would be good).
Organizations with an effective sales enablement platform enjoy a 13% increase in revenue growth, which is 300% more than organizations without this technology (source: Aberdeen Group). In addition, high-performing sales teams use almost 3 times as much sales technology vs. under-performing teams (source: Salesforce).

Improving sales and marketing alignment is the gift that keeps on giving.  
Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieve 24% faster 3-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth vs. organizations with poorly aligned teams (source: SiriusDecisions via Forbes).

Please give us the analytics and reporting tools we need to get the best results. 
Organizations that use sales and marketing analytics increase team quota attainment 400% faster than non-users (source: CIOInsight).

Give us an onboarding strategy that helps us develop and keep our best people.  
New employees who experience a structured onboarding process are 69% more likely to remain with the organization at least three years (source: Fast Company via O.C. Tanner), and 65% of best-in-class organizations said that onboarding has the greatest impact on time to productivity (source: Aberdeen Group).

This year, all of the good sales reps, content marketers and managers out there don’t have to set out milk and cookies, and wait feverishly for the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof (by the way, this probably isn’t covered by standard homeowner’s insurance…we’re just sayin’).

Instead, they can relax, unwind, and rest easy knowing that their CEO is checking her or his list, and will surely reward them with some of the above in the year ahead. Because when it comes to recognizing positive results, jolly ol’ St. Nick doesn’t have anything on an ROI-obsessed CEO.

Last update: December 21, 2016
Even your sales reps, content marketers, and managers have a holiday wish list.

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