We're excited to announce we've launched our new app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Together with our existing Salesforce integrations, customers get unprecedented visibility into how content is actually used in the field. Users can now:
  1. Tailor follow ups based on what was presented and shared in a meeting
  2. Coach reps based on actual activities and results
  3. Identify risks with forecasted deals
  4. Show revenue from content investments

The challenge for marketers is driving adoption of their content across highly distributed sales teams. The challenge for sales leaders is forcing reps to waste precious selling time logging their activities (up to 11 hours a week).

Our integration with Salesforce will help, allowing sales teams to do things automatically – such as see what content was presented in a meeting, share the content with a prospect via email, and then see how the person actually engages with it. 

Here are some of the detailed benefits: 

Salespeople start by logging in with their Salesforce account. Then they can craft a tailored message with our new collections feature using marketing-approved content. It takes just a few clicks to easily search their list of CRM contacts and leads, and send that personalized content to the right prospect.


Once the buyer interacts with the content, the salesperson is notified and gains instant visibility into how that buyer engages with it. That means the rep can see whether something is downloaded, how much time the prospect is spending on each page or whether they’ve shared the piece with others.

This data is also automatically logged to Salesforce, so sellers can go back to it and tailor their follow up based on the buyer’s interests. If others within the organization interact with the prospect, they can see this information and use it to enhance their own conversations.

In addition to emails, any content shared during sales meetings can be captured and logged to Salesforce, giving salespeople a holistic view of how a buyer has been engaged throughout the sales cycle.


This brings us back to the four critical areas at the beginning of this post. The integration helps sales be more productive and effective, but it also gives leaders better insights, so they can run their business better and forecast revenue more accurately.

Specifically, sales managers can understand reps’ activity levels and more effectively coach on an individual opportunity based on content used. If a salesperson says she’ll close a deal by the end of the quarter, her manager can do a sanity check on that forecast. It also enables marketing leaders to tie content to revenue with dashboards on sales performance and content return on investment.


But how much effort will it take to deploy, and how long before you can see value?

The integration allows you to create and manage thousands of users in Salesforce without having to recreate them in Showpad. There is a very simple setup, which allows you to integrate into multiple Salesforce instances, and even customize which fields are captured at the end of a meeting. This ensures a personalized deployment and fast return on investment.


At Showpad, we believe adoption and experience are king. Providing your leaders with the right data in Salesforce starts from the bottom up – you’ve got to activate your content wherever your sellers need it, and once you do, you’ll enhance the day­-to-­day productivity of sales teams using both systems.

Want to learn more? Visit the Showpad page on the Appexchange or request a demo below.


Last update: September 20, 2016

The integration helps sales be more productive, but it also gives leaders better insights, so they can forecast revenue more accurately.

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