What are the key trends in Sales Enablement right now?

In 2014, only 25% of companies currently had a Sales Enablement function in place, while an additional 6% planned to introduce Sales Enablement in 2015. Among these companies, Sales Enablement was found to have a direct impact on revenue plan attainment. In fact these companies, on average, attained an 8.2% greater revenue, compared to those without a Sales Enablement function in place. However, even among those companies that do have a Sales Enablement function in place, there is still room to optimize and build an effective Sales Force Enablement structure.  The alignment of sales processes to the customer’s journey, formalized coaching and training, and content effectiveness, each play a fundamental role in driving effective Sales Force Enablement. Designed to increase sales and sales productivity, effective Sales Force Enablement is the driver behind technological solutions such as Showpad.

CSO Insights surveyed over 300 companies investing in Sales Force Enablement, to understand the impacts and identify areas of improvement. Some of these findings have been summarized in this infographic:

 If you’re ready to take the next step toward driving effective Sales Force Enablement, download the full CSO Insights Report here: 


Last update: November 12, 2015
Companies that do have a Sales Enablement function in place, on average, attain an 8.2% greater revenue than those without.

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