We’re excited to show our new content recommendations feature at Dreamforce today. It surfaces the content most likely to push an individual sales conversation forward, allowing reps to make meetings more personal and effective.

The recommendations – which serve up materials such as ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics – are based on deal data in Salesforce, and they get more intelligent over time. The results are more fruitful conversations, more closed deals, and less prep time.    

Showpad’s recommendation engine enhances reps’ human knowledge about prospects that they log into Salesforce, suggesting how to best use that information to advance each conversation. Administrators of the platform can choose which pieces it would like to recommend for specific deal characteristics, such as deal stage, industry and company size. These recommendations are then paired with machine learning around how sales teams are successfully or unsuccessfully using content to close deals – and of course the engine optimizes for the former.


Users can see why a piece of content is recommended – as Showpad shows data snippets like, “Helped Bob close a $30,000 opportunity with an automotive customer” directly in the opportunity record. Armed with this knowledge, they can share the recommended content with the prospect directly from within Salesforce, either in a new email or via a link in an existing email thread. This is also great for marketers because it quantifies and validates the value of their content, allowing them to better track ROI and inform content strategy.   


Showpad can automatically log the content a rep shared with a prospect within that Salesforce opportunity, account, contact or lead. This gives salespeople a more holistic view of how they’ve interacted with a prospect and which next steps they should take. Additionally, sales leaders can keep track of how their employees interact with prospects to deliver a more accurate forecast and tailor their coaching to focus on habits they see in top performers.


With our content recommendations feature, we aim to reduce the 30 hours per month reps spend searching for content, ultimately increasing active selling time, and thus sales effectiveness.

At Dreamforce, we are also previewing Showpad’s brand new content ROI capabilities for Salesforce. This feature will let marketers know which materials had the highest impact on sales opportunities and revenue. That way, they can intelligently choose their content investments and advise salespeople on how to best use marketing content. Stay tuned.

Want to learn more? Visit the Showpad page on the Appexchange or request a demo below.

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Last update: October 14, 2016

More fruitful conversations, more closed deals and less prep time.

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