No matter what you think of them, one thing is certain: tradeshows are here to stay. Most B2B organizations are investing heavily in their events strategy, attending 5-10 trade shows and conferences each year. But the price of exhibition is growing ever more expensive. Today, the cost of an average trade show is $27,000, excluding the sponsorship fee itself. This financial commitment comes from pre-show setup, printing, shipping, employee travel and other related expenditures.


Considering that events make up more than 20% of our marketing budgets, it makes sense that we’d want to make the most of them. But this is where some of us get stuck. It’s very easy to fall back on the “tried and true” event strategies we learned early on in our careers. Things like printing and giving out stack of printed collateral, or measuring event success on booth traffic and press mentions.

As some of our customers head to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, we wanted to share some things the Showpad team has learned to help make your next event a huge success.

1. Stop wasting money

There are many good ways to spend your trade show dollars, but investing in a lot of printed event collateral isn’t one of them. Production and shipping costs alone can drain your budget. And there’s no guarantee that your freshly printed white paper will be looked at again after it leaves your booth.
Instead, try using Showpad to organize your on-booth presentation material and collateral. With our platform, your booth team will have access to the most up-to-date content and messaging whenever they need it. Best of all, it’s easy to transport and maintain, so you don’t need to worry about last minute trips to Kinkos the night before the show.

2. Structure your content by persona and topic

Once your content is uploaded to Showpad, create an event-specific Channel to help your team get ready for the show. Organize your content for the show’s audience based on persona, product lines, features, and more.
If you’re selling a technical commodity product at a trade show, our Channel feature can really help you stand-out from the competition. Instead of trying to find the latest specifications on a data sheet, a quick search on Showpad will bring up the exact information you’re looking for.

3. Maximize your booth space

Every trade show is a war to get attendees into your booth. But once you’ve snagged them, how can you keep them engaged, especially if your booth space is limited? With Showpad, your booth team won’t be limited to demo stations for prospect interactions. Use it to enhance your booth presence by giving your reps another way to present your products. At last year’s Dreamforce we were giving demos out in the corridors at busy times.

4. Know who you’re speaking to

Many people who stop by your booth are already in your database, so use Showpad to identify them before starting a conversation. With our Salesforce integration, it’s easy to search for existing contacts quickly and you’ll automatically log your meeting in the related account. If the attendee is a new lead or contact, you can use Showpad to capture their information and any content you’ve shared. Then once you return to the office, you’ll have a record of what you’ve discussed so you can refine your pitch as necessary.

5. Follow up on the spot

Keep on top of hot leads by using Showpad to deliver relevant content to their inbox before they’ve even left your booth. After sharing your content, Showpad will track how they’ve interacted with it so you can prioritize your follow-up accordingly.

With Showpad, you’ll be able to get the most out of your marketing dollars and prove your event ROI. Sign up today for your free Showpad trial and experience it for yourself.

Whether you are at the RSA Conference this week, or just gearing up for tradeshow season...good luck from all of us at Showpad!

Last update: August 11, 2016

Today, the average cost of a trade show  is $27,000, excluding the cost of the sponsorship itself.

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