In our latest episode of the Showpad podcast we celebrate National Women’s Day by discussing women working in the tech world with Marcella Mazzucca, CMO at TransVault Software.

In part one of our session with Mazzucca, she discusses the trials and tribulations of being a women in tech, as well as gives valuable advice for women trying to break into the industry.

She shares all of this in less than 11 minutes. So grab a notebook, put your headphones on, and tune in below. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.

To listen to podcast part 2, Evolution of Content and Channel Partners with Marcella, click here.

                                 emmapic.png            Marcella.jpg

Learn more about Marcella Mazzucca at TransVault, and Emma Dunstone by clicking on the links to their names.

Last update: May 10, 2017
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