Showpad recently announced the acquisition of London-based mobile sales playbook specialist Hickup. With it comes the global launch of Showpad Experiences, a new way for sales to turn presentations into conversations.                        

Showpad Experiences is driven by the technological and design underpinnings from Hickup, and turns static marketing materials into an immersive, interactive, branded experience for clients and prospects. We caught up with Julien Lescure, Hickup founder and Director of Product for Showpad Experiences and asked him why he’s excited about joining Showpad’s team.

Julien, with the acquisition and integration of Hickup, Showpad is trying to reinvent the buying experience in B2B sales. Why did you decide to join the team and the mission?

At Hickup, we’ve long worked with Showpad to bring great custom presentation experiences to their customers. Not only were our offers complimentary, we also had a pretty strong bond on a personal level. That was quite extraordinary.

We always wanted to productize our offering. We began by offering services, because listening to companies and building custom interfaces for them was the best way to achieve a good market fit. It taught us what worked, and what it didn’t. I believe it is a great way to start any company.

After some discussions about the economics of a distribution model, the option of an acquisition came forward, and we chose to join the Showpad team.

This was a pretty big decision to make, because we also strongly believed in releasing our own solution, outside of Showpad. We could have launched as an independent product, in a strategic partnership. But what Showpad is – its ambition, its passion, its people, and its growth history – made us decide we wanted to be a part of it. It was the quickest way to get our technology in everyone’s hands and help as many businesses as possible deliver better buying experiences.

Showpad Experiences will launch with three templates customers can immediately use to leverage the new platform (two will be released soon after launch), with the tools to customize to best meet the needs of their sales teams.

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Last update: May 17, 2017
Turn your presentations into conversations.

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