For those old souls who love the radio, and for the new ones who survive the daily commute with audiobooks and podcasts like Fresh Air, we’ve got a treat.This week, Showpad is launching our very first podcast series, which will feature advice from great minds in sales and marketing around the world. First up is the CMO of Origami Logic, Steven Wastie, who discusses marketing’s role in sales enablement with Showpad’s VP of Marketing, Emma Dunstone

The two chat about how marketing content can help sales improve customer interactions, why both teams should be focused more on bottom-of-funnel metrics, and how brand messages lose luster when the teams aren’t aligned.

And they do it all in less than 12 minutes. So grab a fresh cup of coffee, put your headphones on, and tune in below. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes


Learn more about Steven Wastie, Origami Logic and Emma Dunstone by clicking on the links to their names. 

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Last update: September 30, 2016
Check out Showpad's first-ever podcast on how marketers can enable their sales teams.

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