Showpad was founded upon the belief that mobile devices are transformative both in changing the way sales reps interact with their customers and in how marketers interact with the quota-carrying sales reps they support.

The Showpad sales enablement platform is native to Apple’s iOS platform and as such is built from the ground up to leverage iOS capabilities.  95% of our customers access Showpad through their iOS devices, and the Showpad product roadmap is developed to ensure that iOS users are the first to experience powerful new features as they are launched.

Showpad is an Apple Mobility Partner

We are excited to announce that Showpad, the market leader in mobile sales enablement solutions, has been selected as one of Apple’s mobility partners along with VMware, Xero, and DocuSign.

We’re delighted that Apple, one of the largest companies in the world, believes in the value that Showpad offers to Apple’s own enterprise customers, and this partnership will continue to strengthen our mission to transform sales and increase the adoption of mobile solutions in the enterprise space.

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Last update: July 28, 2016

Topics: Apple

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