Does your marketing content help sales crush their quotas? Do you know what content your reps are using to close deals? Or what content your customers engage with? This is why we are launching a new version of Showpad Analytics. We know by gaining insights into content usage marketing and sales managers can optimize their marketing and sales process to close more deals.

The new Showpad Analytics is built on a brand-new technology platform with a redesigned UI. Here are some quick examples of how Marketing and Sales Managers will be able to use Showpad Analytics to gain an edge within their industry.

Marketing Managers

B2B marketing organizations are now spending more than 25% of their annual budget on the development, delivery, and promotion of content to drive business. However; studies shows that on average 70% of that content is never used by the sales team. For marketing managers, understanding ROI of content has always been extremely important. With the new Showpad Analytics, we finally enable marketing managers to double-down on the 30% that works.

For example, through the chart below, our Marketing Manager ‘Dena Nejad’ can easily identify that ‘Showpad Video.mp4’ is extremely popular with sales reps and their customers.



She may realize that less interactive content like PDFs are less popular. Dena now knows she needs to focus more on video and interactive content. Through this process, marketing teams are able to optimize spending and dedicate their budget to content that is used most.

Sales Managers

The new Showpad Analytics will help sales managers quickly understand whether their teams are actively engaging with customers. A Sales Manager such as David Du Pre (our VP of Sales), can quickly look through the overall trends for his department to identify whether the sales people on his team are actively engaging with their customers and with what content.

For example, in the chart below, David can see that the total number of user sessions on the app has been gradually reducing for the past few weeks which may be a cause of concern.


David can then drill down into the list of his team members and review detailed activity patterns for individual sales reps to identify coaching opportunities and best practices.

In the chart below he might notice Bartel has the most number of ‘Sessions’ and ‘Meetings’ which generally indicates that he is interacting heavily with his customers. Knowing that Bartel is a top performer, David can then coach the rest of his team members accordingly.




These are just a couple of examples of how the new Showpad Analytics will be a game changer for sales and marketing.

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Last update: July 28, 2016

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