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    How to Use Showpad to Boost Tradeshow ROI [Part 1]

    By Emma Dunstone 

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    Online Meetings Let Sales Reps Sell From Anywhere

    By Maguire Mealy 

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Times are changing. A sharp increase in the “ramp-up time” for sales reps over the past five years has combined with an overwhelming shift toward a longer sales cycle to form an alarming trend. Mitigate this trend and set the foundation for a successful year in 2016 by leveraging our best practices to get your new sales recruits ramped up in record time.

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Anyone who has been in sales for a while, or was on a Sales Kickoff (SKO) planning team, has been at an event that didn’t go quite as expected. It feels like a New Year's Eve gone terribly wrong. Expectations are at an all time high and the build up is intense. You are surrounded by strangers and people you haven’t seen in some time. Not to mention there’s a neverending supply of alcohol. The ball drops (or was dropped by someone), and a lone firework gives a faint puff instead of lighting up the sky to beckon in the New Year.

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In our previous blog, we looked at how Showpad can help Event Managers prepare to present their brand more effectively at conferences and trade shows. In the second part of this series, we’ll take a deeper dive into how having Showpad as part of your booth team can really help you put your best foot forward, at any and every show.  

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What are the key trends in Sales Enablement right now?

In 2014, only 25% of companies currently had a Sales Enablement function in place, while an additional 6% planned to introduce Sales Enablement in 2015. Among these companies, Sales Enablement was found to have a direct impact on revenue plan attainment. In fact these companies, on average, attained an 8.2% greater revenue, compared to those without a Sales Enablement function in place. However, even among those companies that do have a Sales Enablement function in place, there is still room to optimize and build an effective Sales Force Enablement structure.  

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Transform Your Sales Processes to Improve Productivity and Increase Revenue

At Showpad we love sales. So it’s a no-brainer for us to  sponsor the inaugural Sales Stack event in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 10th.

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“We need content in context. Content is king, but context is queen,” said Tamara Schenk at Showtime15 early in October. “We need both of them together.” I caught up with Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights, after her presentation and asked her what she meant in more detail.

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