This is the first piece in Showpad’s marketing leadership guest blog series – where we’ll have some of the brightest minds in marketing share their strategies. First up is Greg Howard.

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Last week, we launched our new app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Together with our existing Salesforce integrations, customers get unprecedented visibility into how content is actually used in the field. Users can now: Read More

We weren't the only ones who learned a lot at the Argyle CMO Forum in San Francisco last week. Here are tweets from attendees that distill useful intelligence from the great speakers there. Links to the tweeters' Twitter accounts (say that five times fast) are included in case you'd like to give them a follow. Enjoy. 

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If you’re going to get a marketing executive’s attention, they need to care about the issues your product is trying to solve. But what is the best way to reach them?

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Teams that outperform don’t need managers; they need leaders. I can best describe my recent months at Showpad with the following metaphor. I see myself as a coachman trying to get my horses to run in the right direction. No need for a whip, those animals run like hell but how can I get them go where I need them to go?

That’s exactly what leadership is all about, setting the direction. It’s easier said than done. How can you set the direction for a highly motivated team of 50 developers? At Showpad we did it by formulating our common beliefs for engineering into three themes. By keeping true to these three themes, we believe we will become one of the best engineering teams in the world.

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As buyers become increasingly self-educated, they often enter sales meetings with an understanding of what they want to buy and what the price they are willing to pay. This presents sales with a range of new challenges, which can impact reps’ day-to-day productivity and negatively affect the overall buying cycle.

Research shows that fewer and fewer salespeople are making their quotas. Only 54% of reps met their target in 2015, and that number is expected to decrease again this year. So, what is causing this decline and what can sales do to overcome these challenges to drive performance?

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