Last month, we launched our Showpad app on the Salesforce AppExchange. This week is another exciting week as we are announcing our integration with Microsoft Dynamics. With this integration our customers are now provided with visibility into what content is shared with prospects to keep them engaged post meeting. Additionally sales teams can view how prospects have engaged with this shared content. These insights can then be leveraged by:

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Take one look at Showpad's website, and you'll quickly realize that we're a bit obsessed with content activation.

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Calling all marketers and salespeople,

We’re all smiles as we announce our 4th annual conference, Showtime, which will take place on Wednesday 12th October at Ghelamco Arena, Ghent, Belgium.

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We all know marketing software is in vogue. Not only has it fulfilled the tech rite of passage – earning its own jargon word jumble name (Martech) – most marketing teams have added hires devoted solely to managing data surfaced by it.

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This is the first piece in Showpad’s marketing leadership guest blog series – where we’ll have some of the brightest minds in marketing share their strategies. First up is Greg Howard.

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Last week, we launched our new app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Together with our existing Salesforce integrations, customers get unprecedented visibility into how content is actually used in the field. Users can now: Read More

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