Research from ExactTarget and Deloitte recently reported that over half of marketing executives indicated that their role had a significantly-increased responsibility for growing revenue. That’s a significant departure from ‘The Department of Pretty Things’ or other less-than-stellar descriptions marketing has been given over the years.

As marketing cements its role as revenue driver, it has become increasingly important that this function optimize its intelligence. What do we mean by that? Essentially, it’s using data sources to uncover insights, then using the insights to drive the building of your company’s experiences.  

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While many marketing organizations have ramped up their content production efforts, 32% of sales leaders still say that a lack of ‘useful or relevant’ content is a problem for their teams. That’s essentially 1 in 3 sales leaders and that’s not good as it speaks to the sales-marketing silo divide we’ve discussed many times before.

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Every organization has its own way of going to market. But the “coolest” use the latest technology to optimize their sales processes, leverage channel partners effectively, drive customer engagement and increase revenue.

To help companies evaluate technology designed to improve their G2M performance, Gartner publishes its Cool Vendor: Tech Go-to-Market report each spring. This year’s Cool Vendors help technology and service providers improve sales and marketing effectiveness and execution.

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In 2014, CIO Magazine ran an article entitled “C-Suite Executives Value Big Data, But Have No Idea What to Do With it.” On the surface, the headline is terrifying. In an era where all companies are supposed to be competing on some degree of data, is it really possible that the most senior, experienced leaders in an organization aren’t really sure what to do with it?

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Trying to understand what their customers need is a dilemma that salespeople face every day. A rep can spend hours prepping for a particular meeting, only to have it go in a completely different direction than one they had planned. When this happens, they have about 10 seconds to find the most relevant information before a prospect deems them unprepared and unprofessional.

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Showpad is pleased to announce that we have been named as a representative vendor in Gartner’s latest Partner Relationship Management Applications Market Guide.

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