3 Sales Content Tips for 2015

Posted by Maxim Baeten on Jan 20, 2015 9:35:05 AM

The new year is always a good time to look back at your successes and missed opportunities from the previous year. What 2014 goals did you reach? What could’ve gone better? Looking back allows you to plan your strategy for 2015. For Sales and Marketing leaders, analyze where you’ve lost revenue because of poor sales enablement and see if there are ways to do it better in 2015. In order to get you started, we’ve uncovered 3 key areas of improvement for sales content in 2015.

Think customer-first

Although putting your customer central is common sense, a lot of sales and marketing leaders fail to do so. It’s good to think about the entire process from start to finish. So, before starting your sales conversation, try to uncover a bit of insight from your interactions with customers. Being more responsive to the customer’s needs guides them faster down the funnel. As an example, one of our customers was able to schedule 5 extra visits per salesperson per week. That’s because the sales rep was able to respond faster to the customer’s situation. In short, being customer-centric is beneficial for both the customer and the sales rep. Learn more about how to do this in our two part blog post.

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Why Creativity is So Important for Your Sales Pitch

Posted by Maxim Baeten on Jan 7, 2015 12:24:00 AM

It’s often said that a good salesperson is a born seller. Usually, people think that the best salesperson is the one that’s the most extroverted, the one who has no problem starting an engaging conversation with a prospect. Sure, if you’re a smooth talker, it’s going to make you look more confident. It will definitely make your conversation easier and probably even help establish a sales relationship.

However; is being a smooth talker reflected in the effectiveness of your pitch? It’s the quality of what you say that matters, not always the quantity of people you talk to or how communicative you are. In other words, saying less concisely can often be more effective than saying more but without focus.

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Part 2: How Buyer Centric is Sales

Posted by Maxim Baeten on Dec 30, 2014 2:04:00 AM


This is the second and last post in this blog series on how your approach to sales affects your buyers. Quick recap of the first post, your buyer has done his research. They downloaded a few Ebooks, started a free trial, looked at your site, and finally scheduled an appointment with a sales rep. Demand Metric research uncovered that 60% of sales reps often have a bad sales experience during their meetings. If your sales rep is already feeling like they had a bad meeting, then how do you think the buyer is feeling? Be careful that you’re not scaring off your buyers, as this doesn’t only affect the brand, but also your sales.

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Warm wishes from all of us at Showpad.

Posted by Pieterjan Bouten on Dec 23, 2014 12:22:00 AM

Reflecting back on 2014

For Showpad and for me, 2014 has been a very special year. We moved into our San Francisco office, raised our Series B, grew the team from 15 to 60 employees and acquired a company. We doubled the number of customers, tripled our revenue and held our first global customer event in Ghent, Belgium.

We worked, we travelled, we laughed and generally had a blast. We had many good days and some very challenging ones. We focused hard on building the very best team, shipping an outstanding product, and providing excellent service. The Showpad team worked hard and I am grateful to have so many talented people join us on this journey.

I want to thank our customers for trusting Showpad to help them grow their business.
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Part 1: Sales in the Age of the Buyer

Posted by Maxim Baeten on Dec 19, 2014 1:11:00 AM

This is the first post in a 2 part series about how your sales approach affects your customers. The current B2B landscape is filled with examples of poor sales processes. Too often, salespeople meet with customers who are better prepared than they are for that meeting. Imagine how this is perceived by your buyer. This isn't just lip service, a bad sales meeting can have a lasting effect on your bottom line.

So, perhaps it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the bad habits that you might want to consider in the early stages of your sales process which lead to bad sales meetings. Let’s start selling in the age of the buyer.

Don't trick the buyer

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Understanding Buyers Needs is Key to Successful Sales Enablement

Posted by Maxim Baeten on Oct 27, 2014 1:34:00 AM

In today’s B2B marketing landscape, your strategy must be targeted in order to reach your growth goals. Whether it’s digital marketing, inbound marketing, direct marketing or the actual sales conversation, buyers expect a personalized approach. To get to the point of (successful) personalization, your organization must understand buyer needs. Truly understanding them is a bottleneck in the Sales Enablement environment.

This problem occurs when there is too much of an emphasis on product features, rather than the buyer themselves. Focus too much on your product and you risk losing your customer. Successful companies manage to link product value with buyer need. In order to execute this optimely within your salesforce, you need to develop cohesive messaging. Both marketing and sales are responsible for this. In order to give you a better understanding of these two stakeholders, we'll dig deeper into both stories:

Marketing's Side of the Story

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