In today’s market filled with a steady stream of promo emails and other noise, sales reps and marketers rely on personalization to set themselves apart. By sending personalized emails, sales reps can expect 50% higher open rates and almost 22% higher reply rates. This can involve strategies such as including links to content tailored to the specific recipient’s needs. Research from DemandGen Report shows a 20% increase in sales opportunities when leads are nurtured with personalized content.

Showpad for Gmail: Making content hyper-accessible

Today we are thrilled to announce Showpad for Gmail. Marketers are always worried about reps utilizing outdated content or self-created decks to interact with customers. With our Gmail integration, users can access a company’s content from one of the most popular email clients worldwide.

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Today, we announced we have closed a $50 million funding round led by Insight Venture Partners. This is a major milestone for Showpad. We would like to provide background on why we raised this round of funding, and where we’d like to go next. 

We are living in the age of content. Day after day, more content is being created, and each year businesses spend billions on content creation and distribution. But there is one big struggle nobody likes to talk about, let alone knows how to solve. Most of the business content created goes unused. Some analysts estimate that up to 70% of content created by marketing is wasted.

Our mission with Showpad is to change this by activating the world’s business content.

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Have you heard the news? Showpad is opening its newest office in Portland. We’ve been bursting at the seams here in San Francisco and are excited for our colleagues as they settle into their new digs.

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Research from ExactTarget and Deloitte recently reported that over half of marketing executives indicated that their role had a significantly-increased responsibility for growing revenue. That’s a significant departure from ‘The Department of Pretty Things’ or other less-than-stellar descriptions marketing has been given over the years.

As marketing cements its role as revenue driver, it has become increasingly important that this function optimize its intelligence. What do we mean by that? Essentially, it’s using data sources to uncover insights, then using the insights to drive the building of your company’s experiences.  

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While many marketing organizations have ramped up their content production efforts, 32% of sales leaders still say that a lack of ‘useful or relevant’ content is a problem for their teams. That’s essentially 1 in 3 sales leaders and that’s not good as it speaks to the sales-marketing silo divide we’ve discussed many times before.

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Every organization has its own way of going to market. But the “coolest” use the latest technology to optimize their sales processes, leverage channel partners effectively, drive customer engagement and increase revenue.

To help companies evaluate technology designed to improve their G2M performance, Gartner publishes its Cool Vendor: Tech Go-to-Market report each spring. This year’s Cool Vendors help technology and service providers improve sales and marketing effectiveness and execution.

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More than 750 businesses around the world have increased their sales effectiveness using Showpad’s mobile sales enablement platform.

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