Sales Enablement: A Key Competitive Advantage in Selling Medical Devices

Posted by Sarah Sizemore on May 27, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Medical devices require a strategic selling process as the industry faces a set of unique elements and challenges. Sales reps within the medical device industry must present a variety of complex products that are continuously affected by changes in medical regulations. In addition to concisely mastering the art of a complex presentation, sales reps must simultaneously prove their product’s value and explain functionality within their brief meeting time with physicians and lab technicians.

To best address these challenges, the medical device industry must move away from traditional methods, instead utilizing technology and mobile sales enablement solutions to ensure success in the space.

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Showpad’s Android app gets a Material Design Makeover

Posted by Katie Riley on May 21, 2015 3:18:00 AM

Showpad's Android app recently received a major update. We made some small improvements and added several brand new features (read on for more details). But the most noticeable change is the adoption of Material Design style.

A little background on Material Design

Google's new design language, Material Design, radically changes the way Android apps look. (If you're an iPhone user, just think back to the prominent visual design changes between iOS6 and iOS7.)

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4 Ways Content Intelligence Will Transform Your Sales

Posted by Sarah Sizemore on May 11, 2015 6:11:00 AM

B2B marketing organizations are now spending more than 25% of their budgets on the development, delivery and promotion of content to drive business. Sales reps spend about 30 hours a month trying to locate this precious content -  to ensure they have quick access to sales-driving information during their sales conversations.  Ideally, this tedious preparation will result in a successful sales interaction helping to close deals. Were sales reps able to access the sales-driving content they needed to drive deals forward? Post meeting, how can sales reps gauge prospect’s interest level for effective post-meeting follow up? How and when should they follow up? Is there strong potential to convert this prospect into a customer?

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"Big Ideas" Are Disrupting Sales And Marketing

Posted by Dena Nejad on May 6, 2015 1:38:00 PM

Last week during Demand Metric's Virtual Summit, the “Big Idea” session featured industry leaders from 6 technology companies. These companies are actively disrupting the way teams generate demand, grow their businesses, and align sales and marketing. Co-Founder at Showpad, Pieterjan Bouten explains his “big idea” stating that effective content is key to transforming sales interactions. To learn more check out the entire video:



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Companies Aren’t Losing to Competitors, They’re Losing to Themselves

Posted by Dena Nejad on Apr 30, 2015 9:26:41 AM

When strategies lack intentionality, they produce sub-par results. In order for a marketing and sales team to successfully drive revenue, routine evaluations of their strategy must take place. Unfortunately, companies continue to execute strategies plagued with faults, lacking the visibility or resources to intentionally continue to implement improvements into their strategy. In these circumstances, companies aren’t losing to competitors, they’re losing to themselves. By tracking the ongoing success of an approach, leaders are able to strengthen the areas of their strategy that are driving mediocre results.

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Fall in Love with Showcase Themes

Posted by Linda Chen on Apr 29, 2015 8:48:00 AM

At Showpad we love Showcases! That’s why we’re introducing Showcase Themes to better express branding & messaging.

Previously, users were only able to send Showcases with a single look-and-feel. Companies selling multiple products or comprised of global teams weren’t able to tailor Showcases with the appropriate messaging & branding. With Showcase Themes, users can now create tailored templates suited to their needs.

This is a powerful feature of expression, and here’s how it works:

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